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Who is Tickety for?


Anyone looking to sell tickets online or at their physical location or both! Tickety allows you to securely sell, control and monitor any type of event tickets alongside offering the fastest possible, queue busting check-in times.


With powerful and intelligent options to ensure smooth operational routines. Limit ticket numbers, control arrival or check-in windows to avoid longer queues and lots more. On average tickety reduces check-in times by over 80%, test it for yourself!


Link promotions to on site products or services from initial ticket sales. Understand comprehensively who is on site in the most non-invasive manner.

Centralise and manage multiple areas of your business making everything better for your team, customers and of course yourself!

Some of the Benefits


Here are some of the cool things that Tickety can do for you!

Destroys Queues

The powerful combination of hugely reduced check in times and intelligent time slots can obliterate queues!

Entry time reduced by up to 95%

Scan and go reduces check in time to a matter of seconds leading to less queue time immediately.

Reduced operational overheads

One point can now process 5-10 times the volume of check ins in the same time.

Reduced error rates

Automation and system to reduce input errors, missed sales, over sold tickets and more all cost time and money, eliminate them!

Up sell pre-event

Want to sell drinks vouchers, raffle tickets, special event extras, food or pretty much anything? The full solution can help you upsell and promote anything as part of your event.

Contact-less process

No need to touch anything that has been touched by another! They scan and with a front facing printer simply take their tickets and go, so easy, so fast.

What else can it do?


Tickety is part of a much broader business management solution that can help you manage and accelerate many key areas of your business.

Our full package gives you things like your own bespoke website and mobile apps, full epos systems, accounting, staff management, time management, payment solutions and much more.
Test run Tickety for FREE for 2 weeks, everything you need is listed below


You will need a device of some sort in order to scan the issued tickets and a printer to print the tickets! We do offer these in ready to go packs using trusted and tested hardware but you can also use your own. A PC, laptop or tablet with a camera is essential, you can go paperless and not print anything however it is recommended to still print for multiple reasons.


This is really easy, your chosen device just needs to have a modern browser installed, Chrome gets our top vote but most others will work just fine.


Basic surfing skills needed! Get to a website, press a few buttons, scan a few codes and you're flying, what we are saying is it is super easy!


Hours Saved


Tickets Sold




Happy People

Your Options

Gimme Gimme Gimme

From our free plan through to the Streamline me up, you get tons of powerful and proven tools to help in loads of areas. Get going for free today if you don't believe us and see how far we can go together!



  • Ticket sales solution for your existing website, with simple copy and paste code
  • Admin management console
  • Multiple accounts and Staff access levels
  • Full support to get going online and phone



Per Month


Frequently Asked

Can I get some love(help)? We are not just an Online solution so yes in lots of ways! We have 9-5 support/training alongside 24/7 emergency support Online, over the phone or in person, we also have qualified and insured installation teams when or if needed. Success only comes when all the parties involved are trying to help each other!

Grab your free trial ..... follow the instructions to create your ticket sales whether it is for a single event or ongoing sale type, save and copy the generated code to your website and boom you're selling tickets! Don't have a website yet? Talk to us, we can get you moving in a few days with a professional and bespoke solution already linked to ticket sales.

By using the simple throttle controls and booking limits you can set time slots for arrivals alongside volume limits to maintain a steady stream vs large crush, of course you do not have to use the controls it is always up to you!

Your customers only have to show their phone screen with the QR code on it in order for the system to recognise their account and the linked purchases, this promotes auto check in and the items purchased will print, be it tickets for entry or vouchers for drinks and so on. They can take the tickets themselves and move on without any contact points.

Again you have control here, you can set what you like from if people can move or edit their bookings, from how long before or if there is a relative charge and more. Can I easily see how much I have sold or have left? Yep! You can easily see that and lots of other cool stats depending on how many features you are using.

You will need to choose one of our plans to continue using the service. If you have any questions or need help just reach out and we will try to help however we can.

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